Mission Hills, KS Homes For Sale

The City of Mission Hills is located in Northeast Johnson County, Kansas, and was envisioned in 1912 by urban planner J.C. Nichols, who developed the renowned Country Club Plaza district in Kansas City.

First-time visitors to Mission Hills can’t help noticing our fountains, statues, sculptures and urns. Some are hundreds of years old and many are museum pieces imported from abroad. You’ll see them decorating our traffic islands or adorning our roadsides. But that’s not the only thing that’ll stop you. In how many other cities would you come upon a ford crossing a creek? Or a water garden where a heron waits patiently for his dinner? This is Mission Hills. America’s first and foremost garden community.

A cozy informality sends a welcome message to new and old residents alike. Shorts and sandals are de rigueur at summer barbecues. Community events, like the annual Street Fair or the Verona Columns Concert, attract family members of all ages. At outdoor functions, you’re more likely to see children playing rather than straightening their ties. Spend a little time here and you quickly discover a central truth: that our pleasant surroundings are matched by the outlook of the people who live here.